Dermasound Elite

Product Description

dermasound__65723.1425591041.1280.1280The DermaSound Elite is an ultrasonic clinical skin treatment system that uses low frequency sound waves to perform aesthetic services in a unique and highly effective way, the DermaSound Elite system provides superior exfoliation that intensifies and enhances the peeling action of chemical solutions. DermaSound Elite is easy to set up and easy to use in combination with other treatments or as a stand-alone clinical skin care therapy.

DermaSound™ Elite is a state-of-the-art ultrasonic skin treatment system that incorporates environmentally safe water with low frequency sound waves for superior results. This non-invasive, portable and cost-effective device improves all skin conditions including wrinkles, acne, rosacea and pigmentation through cavitation, sonophoresis and microcurrent, resulting in increased client satisfaction and profitability.


The DermaSound Elite has been used by Estheticians to treat a number of skin conditions from aging to acne, and everything in between. When one of our employees here at GlyMed Plus had a severe reaction from an insect bite, we performed a series of short DermaSound treatments to help reduce the inflammation, itching, and pain. The affliction caused the bite to affect the tissue around the right eye, resulting in swelling to a point where vision was seriously impaired. The edema was slowly spreading across the bridge of her nose to the left eye. Below is the treatment we provided.

Day 1: Using the MicroAMP modality, Ultra Hydro Gel and Arnica + Healing Cream were applied to the skin to provide healing and slip. After the product application, 10 minutes of micro current treatment with the DermaSound Elite was given. Immediately after this treatment relief from the itching and pain was reported by our team member with a noticeable reduction in swelling.

Day 2: The same treatment was repeated. The swelling had subsided by more than 50% at this point.

Day 3: The same products were used, but we extended the micro current treatment to 20 minutes. Very minimal swelling was noticeable on the right side of the face, and the swelling on the left had completely vanished.

By day 4 there was no noticeable swelling, after these 3 treatments had been provided.






Cavitation is a process to remove the micro-damaged layer and dead skin cells using a gentle ‘micro-jet’ frequency with kinetic force that spins water molecules across the skin surface in vibrations of 28,000 times per second without trauma or inflammation. Using color blind technology, Cavitation is safe to use on all skin of color for excellent results in acne, pigmentation and aging skin.


Sonophoresis is a bio-molecular penetration of skin care nutrients and other topical to the skin cells that can only be achieved if the correct frequency and power densities are synchronized. The DermaSound Elite frequency has been proven to enhance topical penetration by combining the established science of electrical signal, input of electrical current in watts and electromagnetic coupling factor and efficiency.


Research has found that a central factor in aging skin is the decay of the mitochondria, the biological engine that converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. Microcurrent provides the skin care professional the ability to rebalance and repair cells for younger acting skin by assisting in the transport of nutrients, eliminating waste from the cells, AND influencing mitochondria to increase ATP energy. Results can be seen instantly.

Environmentally Safe

DermaSound Elite is a clean, environmentally-safe device that utilizes water and low frequency sound waves instead of batteries, crystals, needles and other disposable waste particles which are typically used in other devices and can pollute the environment.

How does the DermaSound Elite compare to other similar machines?

The vast differences in claims of skin care machines are anecdotal at best. Some devises use a simple battery as the source of their power supply which by scientific reasoning cannot achieve kilohertz frequencies or generate the correct amplitude to be effective. Other devices use too low of a frequency, in the 28 kilo hertz range, that at best can only achieve a water spray. DermaSound Elite provides “FIRST CLASS” expertise in piezo electrics and acoustic engineering that guarantees you the best results

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