Han H.

Okay, let me start by saying that I read EVERY. SINGLE. REVIEW of medspas, skincare clinics, and dermatologists in Las Vegas and Summerlin area. That’s why it took me about 6 months long before I finally decided to choose and visit Five Years Younger.

At first I wasn’t sure that I arrived at the right building because there’s no signage, but text/call Summer (the owner) and she’ll come out to get you. Once you’re in her room and talk to her, you’ll forget how crappy the outside area is and just enjoy yourself. She radiates so much positive energy and fun to be with, so be prepared to have some good laughs with her. I honestly can say that it was the most enjoyable microdermabrasion and peeling procedure I ever had in my life, and trust me, I had went through a lot of peeling procedures in my past.

Before starting the treatment, Summer taught you how to enhance your natural beauty and to take care of it. She also made suggestion on what products that might work on my type of skin. She also introduced her own products, which she uses and sells, but she doesn’t force you to buy it. Everything is up to your decision and your budget.

I remember other reviewers had mentioned that Summer is passionate about what she does, but I don’t remember anyone had mentioned that she’ll treat your skin like it’s hers. That’s how you know she’ll give you the best, without trying to rip you off while doing it.

Han H.
Las Vegas, NV