Rebekah Valentine – Former Playboy Bunny

Las Vegas Skin Care Review – Five Years Younger Skin Care

by Rebekah Valentine – Former Playboy Bunny

“I have been fortunate enough to have tried almost every line of skincare, and I can honestly say that Five Years Younger is like medicine for my skin.

My skin is retexturized, balanced, and glowing. Five Years Younger Refreshing Deep Pore Treatment saves my skin when I travel to different climates, after exercise, and at different times of the month. Five Years Younger Sparkle Glow Serum, Five Years Younger Vitamin C 14% Serum, and Five Years Younger Sparkle Glow Serum have cured my skin of being “problem skin ”. Not only do I believe in this line and the passion and commitment Debbie has put into her research, but I am proof that it works! I get compliments on my skin all the time. As someone who works in an industry based on outward appearances (with girls 15 years younger) Five Years Younger skincare will always be in my makeup bag.

Thank you, Debbie!”

Rebekah Valentine – Former Playboy Bunny