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Dermasound Ultrasound Facials

5 Years Younger Facial Spa is happy to introduce the Derma Sound- a revolutionary ultrasound skin tightening facial treatment that benefits your skin three distinct ways. With the flexibility the Dermasound offers, we expect it to become the cornerstone of our exfoliation, acne and mature skin types. It’s highly effective, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, including Rosacea.


DermaSound Plus is particularly effective in treating the following skin conditions:


The ultrasound vibration helps to break-up hair follicular deposits of oil, dirt and dead cells-a actual breeding ground for bacteria. Ultrasonic frequency has been shown to kill bacteria and decongest the pores resulting in cleaner, healthier skin.


Fine Lines & Wrinkles
DermaSound helps activate and promote collagen and elastin fiber production for more youthful skin & It also helps with hydration to plump up the skin & fills out fine lines and wrinkles.


Sensitive Skin
Dermasound is excellent treatment for sensitive skin, especially those with Rosacea. Spring water & hydrating serum is used during the Peel Phase. It is gentle and non-irritating. During the Dermasound Infusion Phase, only products specially formulated for sensitive skin are used. No longer will your sensitive skin and/or Rosacea prevent you from exfoliation!


The Final Result
The Dermasound will create smoother, healthier and youthful looking skin, when used regularly along with my Five Years Younger Anti-aging skin care program.
Long-term results are achieved when DermaSound Facial treatments are performed regularly-one treatment can’t substitute for a series of 6 treatments.


This “Ultrasonic Facial” process is gentle, non-invasive, safe and suitable for all skin types, from Acne to Rosacea and Mature skin. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from DermaSound treatments without any significant erythema (redness) as a result of the treatment. Any erythema that does occur diminishes rapidly after treatment.


Three Distinct Dermasound Treatment Phases:


The Peeling Phase removes 20% to 50% of the outer layer of the skin which we continuously shed. Spring water & antioxidant serum is applied to skin. The Dermasound hand instrument, similar to a small spatula, is stroked over the skin. Ultrasonic vibrations spin the water molecules at high frequency causing cavitation-a brief phase change in the water molecule. Cavitation gently removes the dead surface skin cells and cleans out clogged pores without the irritation and inflammation.


This is one of the DermaSound facials best features. Normally, large molecules cannot penetrate the skin to provide the ingredients the skin often needs. But ultrasound makes penetration possible-this process is called “sonophoresis.” Typically, an antioxidant product such as Vitamin C & Aloe Vera is penetrated into the skin in this phase to provide deep environmental healing and protection. The hand instrument is lightly stroked over your skin as the ultrasound frequency opens minute pathways to allow the product to penetrate deeply into your skin, for better, more longer-lasting results.


Microcurrent Therapy
This phase normalizes the skin with a very mild electrical current-a medically proven technique to restore individual cells’ natural electrical charge. The paddle is lightly stroked over the face and throat creating a slight pulsing and warming on the face. When a cell has been damaged due to environmental causes, like overexposure to the sun or aging, the cell’s electrical current is adversely affected, restricting the flow of nutrients into the cell and waste products out of the cell. This condition makes it difficult for cells to heal. This “patting phase” helps normalize the electric current within the cells and promotes healing, cell regeneration and resiliency.


Repairing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is the energy source that supports all living things. As we age, our bodies gradually lose ATP which causes the signs of aging. ATP diminishes fine lines & wrinkles, improves elasticity, and glowing healthier looking skin. ATP through ultra sound & micro current therapy make it possible to breathe new life into tired, injured and aging skin.

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