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Hydra Mist Facial

Five Years Younger Hydra Mist facial delivers superior moisture for revitalizing your skin. Highly rejuvenating procedure using a infused aqueous solution of rose flower, vitamins and nutrients that are applied to the skin. A pharmaceutical grade atomizer deliverers the necessary ingredients that deeply absorb and penetrate the cellular level for maintaining optimal hydration and provides anti-oxidation and skin firmness.


If you have very dry skin or are experiencing some skin imbalances, you will love the Hydra Mist facial. This facial may also be a good match for people suffering from rosacea, and skin that is showing premature signs of aging. Hydra Mist Facial works on every skin type, delivers amazing results and safe for everyone to experience a perfect energy balance.


I start by replenishing your skin with Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Aloe Vera working them deep into skin. The next step of the Hydra Mist facial, I use 3 essential oils one for your face, one for your neck and one to heal your spirit. The combination of these essential products can help you achieve pure hydration to refresh & renew your face as well as your spirit.


I end the facial by treating you with a breath of my amazing essential healing oil from the exotic island of Kukio along with my Reiki healing energy that is sure to transform your day into tranquility.

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