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Chemical Peel Form

Your first appointment


Jr. Acne Extreme at your consultation, It generally consists of light to moderate microdermabrasion, then a chemical peel is applied. The combination of these two services removes two-five layers of dead skin. The removal of dead skin allows for better product penetration, reduce scars, and leaves skin less prone to breakouts.

If your skin is NOT sensitive, I may be able to upgrade the service to a medium chemical peel. As an expert in my field, I determine if this is safe or not. Skin can be damaged easily, so I am always cautious.

Once I have applied the chemical peel, you will feel tingling and burning. The peel is working to clean 20,000 pores. You might peel a lot, or a little; either is okay.

If you barely peel, that does not mean it didn't work. You do not have to peel deep to get excellent results. As long as your skin's texture appears clean, acne reduced, and pigmentation lightened, the peel has done its job.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make your skin perfect, but I can't, that is an unrealistic expectation. Everyone's skin responds differently. Improvements to your skin can be seen immediately, or happen gradually. The number of treatments depend on your skin's state.

The average facial is about 60 minutes; however, what to expect largely depends on your skin type, and how complex your skin issues are.

You are not charged for extra time I spend on your skin. If you have years of damage this will be a work in progress.

One facial is NEVER enough! Acne and hyperpigmentation do not disappear in one treatment. It is just like going to the gym. You can't go once and get a six-pack.

You may get outstanding results in one service, but like a personality, everyone's skin is unique, and it takes commitment, & medical active ingredients. Be patient; it will happen!

I treat my clients like family, and the happiness I see in my clients when I can make it happen is the beautiful feeling.

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